Braaf Environmental Practitioners | Environmental Permitting and Approvals


No project can proceed without a valid legal authorisation(s). Critical to the success of the permit process is ensuring you have a robust Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA).The key to obtaining permits that allow a client to complete a project on time and on budget is understanding the information that must be submitted to the permitting authority and the environmental constraints on how and when that information may be obtained.

  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIA’s) leading to Environmental Authorisations
  • Air quality and emissions licenses
  • Coastal, marine and fisheries development – discharge permit
  • Heritage resources approvals
  • Mining and mineral extraction approvals
  • Water Use Licenses
  • Waste Management Licenses
  • Appeal Submissions
Braaf Environmental Practitioners | Environmental and Social Services


  • Feasibility Studies
  • Baseline environmental studies
  • Environmental risk assessment
  • Equator Principles compliance
  • Field studies and surveys (specialist studies)
  • Environmental management and monitoring
  • Public consultation stakeholder engagement
  • Site and route selection studies
  • Sustainability appraisals
  • Project Co-Ordination and Management
Braaf Environmental Practitioners | Environmental and Social Services
Braaf Environmental Practitioners | Environmental Planning


We provide the full spectrum of planning services encompassing development planning, permitting, master planning, environmental planning, urban design and infrastructure planning.

  • Environmental and Social Screening/Scoping
  • Emergency response plans
  • Site planning and development potential review
  • Strategic environmental assessment
  • Sustainability assessment
Braaf Environmental Practitioners | Compliance Services


We provide a variety of compliance auditing services which are critical to ensure legal compliance with in-country regulations and environmental and social commitments, as well as identifying operational risks. These include:

  • Legal Compliance Audits
  • Preparation for regulation visits
  • Environmental Authorisation Audits
  • Environmental Management Programme Audits
  • Closure Plan Audits
  • Waste Management License Audits
  • Environmental Legal Registers and Legal Updates
  • Water Use Licence Audits
  • Environmental Risk Assessments
  • Environmental liability assessments
  • Action Plans and
  • Other regulatory Environmental Due Diligence Services
Braaf Environmental Practitioners | Compliance Services
Braaf Environmental Practitioners | Compliance Monitoring Services


Environmental Auditing and Compliance Monitoring is an essential part of post decision ESIA follow-up and is required during the construction and operational phases of a project. Compliance monitoring provides clients with the level to which they comply with approved Environmental Management Programme’s, Environmental Authorisations and other relevant permits and licences.

Reports meet IFC, Equator Principles and international finance standards.

  • Development of Environmental Management Plans (EMP’s)
  • Environmental awareness training aimed at educating client employees and contractors with regards to:
    • general environmental management,
    • compliance towards approved Environmental Management Programme,
    • Environmental Authorisations,
    • and other legal requirements
  • Environmental Control Officers (ECO) for all the sectors in which we operate.