Proposed Environmental Authorisation Amendment for Erven 3303 and 3304 in Mandalay, Cape Town

Public Documents

Project Background

IHS SA (Pty) Ltd (IHS SA) is suggesting updates to the Environmental Authorisation for Erf 776 in Mandalay. This erf has been subdivided into multiple plots, including Erven 3303 and 3304. The changes being proposed are:


Transfer of Ownership: IHS SA has bought Erven 3303 and 3304 from Communicare, so the rights and responsibilities in the Environmental Authorisation for these plots need to be transferred from Communicare to IHS SA.


Development Revision: The original plan for Erf 776 included 413 residential plots, a commercial area, and four blocks of three-story apartments, totaling 650 units, as well as open and private spaces. The updated plan refines the apartment layouts and densities. While retaining three-story apartments on Erven 3300, 3573, 3303, and 3304, IHS SA plans to develop 770 apartments, a creche, and retail space specifically.



Draft Amendment Report is available for public comment from April 2, 2024, to May 6, 2024.